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Once you are connected using the appropriate link below, you will see your MACC Trainer’s screen and hear his or her voice as the class begins.

For general questions on the sessions, please contact Julie Riecken at 402-533-5313 or jriecken@maccnet.com.

For questions or assistance in accessing courses on a training day, please contact Barb Breithaupt at 402-533-5256 or bbreithaupt@maccnet.com.

Download our Pop-up Training’s Housekeeping Items

We’ve created a handy guide listing housekeeping items for Pop-up Training. Topics include accessing the classes below, interacting with the MACC Team, and more. Download this helpful PDF for complete details.

June Pop-up Training Schedule

Click on each course title to join the class when it is scheduled to begin, and enter your first and last name when prompted.

Course List and Descriptions

Accounting Master Recurring Processes (Outline)
Use recurring features in Accounting Master to establish routines for common processes. We’ll discuss Recurring Journal Entries, Recurring AP Invoices, and more.

Accounting Master What’s New in 21.1 (Outline | PowerPoint)
We’ll review new AP attachment options, Recurring Invoices, a CM Cash JE Reversal option, Labor Entry mass reallocations, HR data import, low inventory PO auto-generation, and more.

Accounting Master – What You Might Have Missed (Outline)
Let’s catch up on our favorite new enhancements in AM 19.2, 20.1, and 20.2.

Customer Master and Web Reporting Highlights (Outline)
This session will be an overview of the latest in Customer Master reports, as well as exciting new features in Web Reporting, including the Dashboard.

Customer Master Guide to FCC Reporting (Outline)
A popular request after our last Pop-Up was to offer a course on FCC reporting. During this session, we’ll review the 477, HUBB, and 502 reports – to name a few.

Customer Master What You Might Have Missed (Outline)
Does 2020 seem like a blur? This session will bring our recent enhancements back in focus – reviewing our favorite updates in CM 19.2, 20.1, and 20.2.

Customer Master What’s New in 21.1 (Outline | PowerPoint)
Here’s your chance to learn about the new features in 21.1 – including the new Locates module, Scheduler Changes, new receivables options, and much more!

MACC Mobile Deep Dive (Outline)
MACC Mobile is rapidly changing with the times. This session will be a detailed look at MACC Mobile focusing on the latest and greatest features.

MACC Mobile for Beginners (Outline)
Are you new to MACC Mobile? Then this session is for you. We’ll take you through just the basics of Customer Master MACC Mobile.

Marketing in Customer Master – A Case Study (Outline)
Training and Creative Services will feature practical examples of marketing features – including AutoPilot messages, Suggestive Marketing, and Campaign Manager.

Plant 101 (Outline)
Are you a CSR and you’d like to know more about plant? Or are you a new plant employee at your company? If you answer “yes” to either of these questions, then this class is for you!

The Administrator’s Guide to Customer Master (Outline)
Review a few of our favorite time-saving features in Customer Master and see if you’re optimizing your experience.

Questions? Please contact Julie Riecken at 402-533-5313 or jriecken@maccnet.com.