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Banish 477+BDC Stress

BDC Pop-up Training will show you how Customer Master can simplify these crucial tasks


Class Description

Our support team has created a step-by-step guide for your 477 and BDC reports. During this session, MACC’s Training Team will walk you through our recommendations for proactively checking 477 and BDC maintenance tables, performing routine USP and address updates, and running missing data reports. We’ll also cover deployment rules. We will then walk through the semi-annual reporting steps. You will be armed with information to make the process as smooth as possible!

Take the class and watch it later

We are recording the class and clients who register for BDC Pop-up Training will have the opportunity to view it during the months of December and January.

Class cost?

BDC Pop-up Training is just $99 per attendee.

Please note, this class is not a WOW Training Course


BDC Pop-up Training Schedule

Listed times are in the Central Time Zone.

  • 2:00 p.m. (CST) on Tuesday, December 27th

Schedule is subject to change.

Pop-Up Training FAQs

Q. My company subscribes to WOW Training. Is Pop-up Training covered under the WOW Training Plan?
A. Pop-up Training courses are unique to the program and not part of the WOW Training Plan.

Q. How will I access the course?
A. MACC Trainers will provide a web link to you in advance of your course. It will take you to a Microsoft Teams appointment where you can see the trainer’s screen.

Q. Do I need access to Microsoft Teams to take Pop-up Training?
A. While you can use Microsoft Teams, the training can be viewed using many common web browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Q. Are instructions available for using Microsoft Teams?
A. Yes, instructions are available by following this link.

Q. Do I need speakers or a microphone to take Pop-up Training?
A. With Teams you will need to have a way to listen and talk through the PC such as a headset or microphone/speaker set up.

Pop-up Training Registration

Pop-up Training courses are taught using Microsoft Teams. With Teams you will need to have a way to listen and talk through the PC such as a headset or microphone/speaker set up. Instructions for using Teams are available here. Please contact our Training Team for details.