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Scheduler 22.1

More Improvements to Advanced Scheduler

MACC continues to improve upon the Advanced Scheduler module with additional changes to grouped Events (appointments,) Tasks, and grid labels.

Scheduling Suite | Processing | Scheduler: When a single scheduled appointment includes multiple employees; the need to update the group appointment may be required. Updates were added to allow simultaneous editing across employees for scheduled group appointments. When one of the employee’s appointments in the group is changed in the Event Editor; the changes will occur to all the employee’s appointments in the group. The updates will apply to non-recurring scheduled appointments (not flagged for Recurrence) at this time.

A grouped Event is automatically created any time more than one employee is selected in the Employee dropdown in the Event Editor, or when a Work Group is selected. When this occurs, duplicate Events are created on the Scheduler calendar for each employee in the group. When an Event is part of a Group, a group icon displays on the Event in the calendar, signifying it is part of a group. In the example, employees Julie and Sue are included in a group appointment from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. on Thursday the 24th. Julie’s Event is opened and changed from a 1-hour block to a 2-hour block.

Scheduler Image 1

Upon post, the Event duration was changed from 1 hour to 2 hours (from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.) on the Scheduler calendar for both Julie and Sue’s appointments; eliminating the need to edit individually. A good rule of thumb to remember for group appointments: If multiple employees exist in an Event, they will always be treated as a group. If one of the employee’s Events is edited in any way (changes, additions, moves, deletes) the change will occur for all the employee’s appointments in the group.

Scheduler Image 2
Scheduler | Trouble tab |Service Address column: The Address column label was updated to display as “Service Address” in the Schedulers Trouble tab grid. This will help avoid confusion on the address represented in the column. In addition, the Address column label for all the Trouble options in Account Management Ribbon | Inbox, (Trouble and Trouble Stages) was updated to display as “Service Address.”
Scheduler Image 3
Maintenance | Scheduling | Scheduling Type | Schedule Type Editor: A color dropdown selection and ellipsis were added to the Schedule Type Editor. Allowing users to choose and set a color for each Schedule Type from the maintenance table, not just Scheduler Preferences. The Color dropdown has standard color options to choose from and custom colors can be selected by clicking the ellipsis button. The colors selected here will display for the Schedule Types in the Scheduler calendar.
Scheduler Image 4
Maintenance | Scheduling | Scheduling Task | Schedule Task Editor: The Scheduler Task Editor’s Duration field was changed to allow a duration of zero to be entered for Tasks. Users will no longer receive the message saying the duration must be greater than zero.
Scheduler Image 5
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