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Reports 22.1

Technology Type Added to Unit Service Register Report

Reports | Billing | Unit Service Register: Technology Type was added to the Unit Service Register Report results, for networks with a Technology Type populated. Technology Type will be included on both the .pdf and .csv report results.

Reports Image 1

Broadband Information Included in Network Grid Report

Grid Reports | Report Type – Network: The following selectable fields were added to the Grid Report – Network for Broadband reporting:

  • Broadband Type
  • IPv4 Address
  • IPv4 Subnet Mask
  • IPv4 Default Gateway
  • IPv4 Address Effective Date
  • IPv4 Address End Date
  • IPv4 Address Description
  • IPv4 Subnet
  • Subnet Next Hop Router
  • Subnet Effective Date
  • Subnet End Date
  • Subnet Description
  • IPv6 Address
  • IPv6 Effective Date
  • IPv6 End Date
  • IPv6 Description.

Note: A single network may have multiple IPv4 and/or IPv6 information, so the network may be displayed multiple times in the grid

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