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Prioritized Address Search Results with Google API Autocomplete

To increase the location accuracy and limit the results in the Google AutoComplete drop-down an update was made to the Google API to use the coordinates listed in the Company table to prioritize autocomplete address search results within 50km of the company location. These changes apply to all address search screens that include the Google suggested address drop-down in Customer Master.

Maintenance | Common | Company: The Google Autocomplete API uses the Starting Position coordinates (Latitude/Longitude) in the Company Editor screen as the center of a 50km (31-mile) radius of prioritized results. This change will keep the addresses suggested by the Google API within closer proximity to the company. Because the Google API suggests up to five addresses, if the number of matching results in the priority radius is less than five, and additional results outside of the radius exist, results outside of the radius will be included in the suggested addresses.

Maintenance | Common | Address: When the insert button is used to add an address and the coordinates in the Company Editor are set to New York City, with a priority radius of 50km, only New York City and Brooklyn addresses are suggested.

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