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Personalized Video Messaging

Personalized Video Messaging

MACC has incorporated a new video messaging platform to engage and inspire action with personalized video experiences for your customers. If a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, what is a video worth? Personalized video messaging revolutionizes how organizations engage and inform their customers. Industry-specific video templates as well as video creation are available, unleashing the potential of video to make meaningful connections, change consumer behavior, and compel customers to act. Reach and inform more customers in less time through personalized videos, while improving operational efficiencies and customer experiences. In less time than it takes your team to answer the phone each month, you can make it easy for your customers to:

  • Onboard with your organization,
  • Understand their bills,
  • Make online payments and set up auto-pay,
  • Sign up for the self-service portal,
  • Sign up for paperless billing,
  • Register for programs, incentives, and so much more!

If your company is interested in Personalized Video Messaging, contact your Client Solutions Manager.

File | Preferences | Company Control: A new “Company Control” table will house the parameters to utilize Personal Video Messaging. These parameters are “view only” and must be set up by a MACC administrator.

Maintenance | Notifications |Personalized Video Template: The Maintenance | Messaging menu title was renamed “Notifications” and the Messenger Suite was also renamed “Notifications Suite.” A new menu item labeled “Personalized Video Template” was added to the Notifications menu and must be set up with the help of your MACC administrator.

In the event of new services for new accounts, adding new services to existing accounts, or bill cycle processing, templates with personalized video capabilities were developed. There are two separate Welcome Package templates, one to welcome new customers and another for new services to existing customers. These templates utilize the Customer Masters Notifications module to deliver personalized videos to accounts via email, email to text, or text. There is also a Billing Video template so end users can receive and view a personalized video with their invoice/bill. The Billing Video is delivered to accounts during the billing process and appears as a QR code on the bill. The QR code can be scanned with a phone to be played and viewed.

The personalized videos can include a customer greeting, a company introduction, an explanation of a customer’s new services or their bill, company options, and a summary. Users can choose the details for their video as well as its audio. Users will need to work with their MACC administrator to customize their company-specific video(s).

Maintenance | Notifications | Notification Setup |Service Order Welcome Packet for New Customers: The existing Trigger Point “Service Order Welcome Packet” will be utilized for personalized videos for new accounts. In the Configuration Setup screen, a drop-down field labeled “Personalized Video Template” was added. The dropdown contains a selection of video templates set up at Maintenance | Notification | Personalized Video Template. Select the New Customer Personalized Video Template so the notifications include the video with your welcome packet. Move the URL link “Personalized Video” from the Usable Information pane into the “Body” pane to include the video with the Welcome Packet. A “Preview Personalized Video” button can be used to view and review the video for the New Customer Packet. The Test Message button now has a drop-down to select an employee email and the ability to type an email to receive the test message.

Inquiry | Service Order | New Account

When the applicable parameters are populated in the Company Control table, a Personalized Video Template is established, and the Service Order Send Welcome Packet notification is set up with a Personalized Video Template; when a New Account Service Order is applied the welcome email with the video link will be sent. As before the Welcome Packet Video can also be sent from the Account Contacts screen. The customer receives a Welcome Packet email for the new account with a link to the video.

The customer can click on the link in the email to view the video. The initial screen that appears has a Play button and a message for the user to “click here to watch your video.”

The personalized video contains all the options and details users selected to include in their personalized video.

Maintenance | Notifications | Notificample, a Video network. The new “ation Trigger DefaultsA new Notification Trigger Default was added to the Maintenance | Notifications | Notification Trigger Defaults table labeled “Service Order New Network Packet.” This will be used for notifications sent to existing customers that add new network services to their accounts, for exService Order New Network Packet,” Trigger Default will be available in the Trigger Point dropdown in the Notification Setups at Maintenance | Notifications | Notification Setup.

Maintenance | Notifications | Notification Setup |Service Order New Network Packet for Existing customers:

Like the New Customer Welcome packet, the Configuration Setup screen for New Network Packets includes a Personalized Video Template drop-down to select a template. Select the New Network Packet template to send new network welcome packets for existing customers during the Service Order process.

Inquiry | Service Order | Existing Account | New Network: When an existing account Service Order with a new network is applied the email notification with the video link will be sent. The New Network Package will also be sent during the Service Order Batch Wizard process. In the example below a new Video network was added to Scott Jansen’s account, and the Service Order was completed and applied.

The customer receives a New Network Packet email with a link to the video and can click on the link to view the video.

Depending on what details and options were selected for the New Network video when it was created, the video can welcome the customer and indicate they have recently activated services (Video network.)

Packages | Billing | Bill Cycle Processing: When a Personalized Video Template is setup with a Source of “Billing” at Maintenance | Notifications | Personalized Video Template, in the event of billing end users can also receive and view a personalized Billing & Payment video with their invoice/bill. Like the Welcome Packet videos, users will work with MACC to customize a personalized Billing & Payment video for their company-specific details for their end users to receive during billing. The personalized Billing & Payment video can include customer bill information such as Balance and Due Date, online payment setup, company options, etc.

When billing is processed, the Billing & Payment video features will be included in the billing files for Accounts. All printed bills for each account will have a QR code on the PDF of the bill. Customers can scan the QR code with their cell phone or smart device to view the video. Accounts that are set up to receive their bill via email with the PDF of the bill attached, will have a link to the personalized video in the body of the email (in addition to the QR code on the PDF of the bill.) EBill customers that receive the PDF of their bill will also include the QR code to scan and view personalized videos.

Personalized Billing & Payment Videos can also be viewed by Web Self-Care users on the Web Self-Care Customer Home page. In the example Web Self Care user Lane Frost can view the Billing and Payment video.

Inquiry | Service Order | Account Tier |Account Contact Information: As before, Welcome Packets can be sent from the Account Contact Information screen. A drop-down was added next to the Send Welcome Packet icon with two options to select:

  • Welcome Packet: (New Customer) This option will send a Welcome Packet for New Customers.
  • New Network Packet: This option will send a New Network Packet for existing Customers. A window will list the account’s active network types for selection to send a New Network packet video.

Inquiry | Client Relationship Management (CRM)

When an email is sent with a new account, new network, or billing package, a row will be inserted into the CRM Contact grid with the Contact Type of Notifications (NOTIF).

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