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Payroll 22.2

Updated Benefit Accrual Calculation

MACC has updated the benefit accrual process to assist with making year-end a smoother process. The Benefit Accrual Plan setup has been enhanced to include a carryover expiration month and day option. The carryover expiration date will allow users to select a specific calendar date where any remaining carryover hours will automatically expire from the employees benefit maintenance screen. The carryover expiration date can be adjusted under the Payroll Company | Benefit Accrual Plan screen.

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The Benefit Close process was also updated to a three-step closing process. These new closing steps allow users to begin the benefit accrual close process without having to close the current benefit year until the last payroll of the year has been ran. The Close Accrual Year Edit Report step will show the current benefit year plans along with the new plan, and if carryover hours are allowed, the system will print these under the carryover hour column. Moving onto the Load Benefit Hours step, this step will load the new carryover hours into each employees’ benefit maintenance screen, which allows the employee to start requesting time in the future. The last step will close the current year benefit accrual and make any benefit adjustments that may have been taken between the Load Benefit Hours and Close Process steps being ran.

A sequence ID has been added to the Benefit Close screen. This enhancement allows a user to have multiple benefit close processes open at once. The ID will be assigned once the Load Benefit Hours step has been ran.

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Addition of Weekly Double Time to Auto Calculation of Overtime (CA Rules)

A new option has been added to the Payroll module to accommodate the state of California’s alternative workweek schedule overtime requirements. To enable this new function, from the Payroll Company table, check Enable CA Alternative Workweek Schedule.

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The Employment Types screen located under the Human Resources Suite has been updated to include a new CA Alternative Workweek Schedule checkbox. When checked, it will indicate the employment type is part of the alternative workweek schedule function when assigned within the Overtime Parameters screen and selected Employees.
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The alternative workweek schedule can be set up under the Employee Compensation screen. A new screen has been created with associated checkboxes to select which days are part of the employee’s alternative workweek schedule. The new Select Alternative Workweek Schedule icon will only be enabled when an employment type is selected as an alternative workweek has been selected.
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New options were created within the Payroll Company Overtime Parameters screen to assist with the California overtime requirements. These new options include Weekly Double Time, Non-Regular Day Overtime, and Non-Regular Day Double Time. The Non-Regular Day Overtime and Non-Regular Day Double Time will only be enabled when the employment type is an Alternate Workweek schedule and Daily Overtime has been selected.

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The adjusted overtime calculations will occur during the Labor Entry Verification and Payroll Cycle Processing steps.
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