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Reports 22.2

Auto Report Generation

MACC continues to add new reports to the Auto Report Generation tool. The Outstanding PO report is the newest report to be added to the report generation.

Financial Report Viewer: Confidential Disclaimer

The Financial Report Viewer continues to be a dynamic reporting tool for customers. In 22.1, the Financial Report Viewer been enhanced to include a confidential disclaimer option when printing a financial report.

A new icon has been added to the Financial Report Viewer Print Display tab where the user can select the print the confidential disclaimer as well as change the disclaimer wording when needed. When the Print Confidential Disclaimer option is checked, the entered verbiage will print across the bottom of all the report pages.

The confidential disclaimer option has also been added within the Financial Report Wizard tool.

Purchase Order Reconcile ensures the received inventory has been physically verified, stored at the proper location, and reconciled with the system inventory. The Reconcile PO function also allows users to adjust certain charges before closing the purchase order and to add other information from the vendor’s invoice. MACC has improved the Reconcile Purchase Order function by allowing users to edit the inventory item values and the item quantity.

When an item’s reconciled quantity is greater than the original received quantity, a new confirmation message will be shown. If yes is selected, the system will automatically create adjusting inventory transactions for the difference entered.

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