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Payroll 22.1

Labor Year Detail

The Year-End Suite is a one-stop location for year-end processing functions. The Year-End Suite contains the maintenance screens and processes used to prepare your database for an upcoming year, providing efficiency with year-end processes. The Labor Year screen plays a role in the Year-End process by designating beginning and ending dates for the different pay frequencies within the year. Previously, once the Labor Year was entered, users often forgot to load the Labor Year Details. To improve this functionality, the Labor Year Pay Period Create button details were added to the Labor Year screen. This enhancement allows users to add the Labor Year and Details in one screen.

Payroll Image 1

When Create Pay Periods is selected, the pay periods will load into the grid. The Create Pay Period Button will toggle to Delete Pay Period. The user will not be allowed to exit, clear, save, or update the screen until Creating Pay Periods or Delete the added Labor Year are selected. Warning messages will display letting the user know if pay periods need to be added before saving, exiting, or clearing the screen.

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