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Purchase Orders 22.1

Purchase Order Reconcile

Purchase Order Reconcile ensures the received inventory has been physically verified, stored at the proper location, and reconciled with the system inventory. The Reconcile PO function also allows users to adjust certain charges before closing the purchase order and to add other information from the vendor’s invoice. MACC has improved the Reconcile Purchase Order function by allowing users to only edit the inventory item values and not the item quantity. This enhancement eliminates unnecessary inventory adjustments.

PO Receive Attribute Values

The PO Receive process allows users to receive items into inventory and update additional item details. This process was updated to include the items attribute default values when receiving the item into inventory through the PO Receive process. Serialized items will also include the attribute default values when receiving from the Serial Number screen or using the Serial Number Import.

Purchase Order

Continuing with improvements to Purchasing, MACC added the Clear button to the Purchase Order and PO Receive screens. This enhancement provides an option to Clear All or Clear Item. When Clear Item is selected, it will clear the PO details when viewing individual PO detail. This action allows the user to select another detail row for viewing. When Clear All is selected, the entire PO selection will be cleared.

Purchase Order Image 1

Purchase Order Requisition

The Purchase Order Requisition process is designed to send important information to those approving purchase order requests. With your feedback, we continue to improve the Purchase Order Requisition approval process. A new option, No Editing after Approval, was added to the PO Requisition Setup within the Material Company screen. When checked, no further editing will be permitted on the PO Requisition after it is approved. PO Requisition fields will be disabled for editing with the exception of PO Requisition Comments and Copy. Access to the PO Requisition Preferences, View/Add Attachments, Print/Preview the PO Requisition, Search PO Requisition, and Cancel PO Requisition will be available based on assigned security roles.

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