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Commissions Reports 23.1

Commissions Refinements

Refinements were made to Commission’s processing grid and reports to provide clarity and a user-friendly process. Additional columns were added to further define the Source, and new functionality to “approve all/cancel all” commissions from the grid is available. In addition, a new button in the processing screen allows users to calculate pending source amounts.

Commissions Suite | Processing | Commissions: New columns and buttons were added to the Commissions Processing grid which includes:

• Calculate Pending Source Amounts: Calculate only pending amounts.
• Source Description: Displays the description of the commissionable USP/Contract/OCC.
• Source Amount: Displays the amount of the USP/Contract/OCC.
• Source Quantity: Displays the quantity of the USP/OCC.
• Agent/Employee Name: Displays the Full Name of the agent or employee.

Commissions Image 1

An “Enable Grid Editing” button was added to the toolbar to turn grid editing on and off. The grid looks and functions differently when editing is enabled/disabled. When grid editing is enabled the top of the screen will display “Commissions Processing – Editing.” Editable fields in the grid are white and the non-editable fields are gray.

Commissions Image 2

When grid editing is disabled any/all the selected rows will be blue and all others white. Multiple rows can be selected for approval, cancellation, etc. The keyboard buttons “Shift” or “CTRL” can be utilized to select multiple or just certain rows.

Commissions Image 3

The Commissions Processing grid’s right-click menu now has some additional options, as well as a functionality change on the existing Cancel option. The Cancel option now behaves the same as the cancel button (X) which undoes pending changes when in grid edit mode. “Approve Selected” and “Approve All” options can be used to approve selected or all commissionable items in the grid simultaneously. The “Remove Selected Approval” and “Remove All Approval” options will “undo” any applicable approvals.

Commissions Image 4

Using the “Cancel,” “Cancel Selected,” and “Cancel All” options, open the Cancel Reason Editor for the selected row(s) to prompt users to enter a single Cancel Reason for all the selected records.

Commissions Image 5

When editing a commission row, checking or unchecking the “Approved” checkbox to approve commissions now enables/disables certain fields of the screen, which brings the editor functionality in line with the grid. Source Amount and Source Description fields were also added to the editor and the Agent/Employee field now includes the full name in the drop-down.

Commissions Image 6

Commissions Suite | Reports | Commissions: The following items were added to the Commission’s Report:

• Agent/Employee Name
• Source Amount
• Source Quantity
• Commission Percentage (Rate)
• The Amount column now displays the estimated amount for pending records.

Note: The Pre-Calculation check box that was previously available on the reports parameter screen was removed as the Source Amount/Quantity is now included in Commissions Processing which includes the pre-calculation.

Commissions Image 7
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