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Commissions 23.1

Importer: Updates for Commissions OCCs

The Commissions module was modified in the previous release of Customer Master. MACC continues to enhance Commissions by updating the Importer tool with capabilities to mass import OCCs for Commissions to accounts/networks.

Tools | Mass Processing | Import Tool – OCCs: The OCC Import Type was updated to include Commission details from the USP Code. With these additional fields, users can use the tool to mass import OCCs for Commissions. Multiple fields relating to Commissions, such as Account Name/Number, already exist in the OCC Import Type. The following Commission information was added to the existing OCC Import type:

  • Network Name
  • Commission Billing Type
    • Initial
    • Recurring
    • Term
  • Commission Type
    • Percentage
    • Flat Rate
  • Commission Rate (matches Commission Tool ‘Rate’ column)
    • Percentage Value
    • Flat Rate Amount
  • Commission Agent (Non-Employee)
  • Commission Employee
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