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Aha! – Create a link in CM to Access

Access Aha! Ideas Portal from Customer Master

If you haven’t heard, MACC’s Product Team launched a new tool to help gather and maintain great ideas. “Aha!” is a positive and collaborative environment where users of our products can recommend software enhancements and VOTE for great ideas entered by their peers. This feature is a web-based tool developed by Aha! and you must register to become a contributor. To make it convenient for our users, an “Aha! Ideas Portal” button was added to the main menu bar in Customer Master.

Users must contact MACC to register their email for access to the Aha! Ideas portal. Contact your Client Solutions Manager at MACC or send an email to and provide the email you would like to register.

Clicking the Aha! Ideas Portal button will open the sign-in page in the user’s default browser. Users will need to verify their email and create a password. Once a user is in the Aha! portal they can submit enhancement ideas as well as vote for other ideas.

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