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WSC June 2022

MACC has improved the New Customer screen for Web Self-Care (WSC) users. The enhancement provides a more user-friendly approach for new customers to view services available to them online. The New Customer screen is now a wizard format, allowing new customers to select their physical address and view services first. New customers will select the type of service and enter their service address. When the service address is validated, services will appear for selection based on the entered service address. A message will display if the service address is invalid, informing the new customer the address wasn’t found and will provide an option to submit an email request.

New customer image 1
Once a service address and services are selected, the new customer will be able to click the Next button to advance to the next screen in the wizard. The Billing information will allow the new customer to keep the service address as the billing address. The new customer will be able to finish the billing information by completing the name and contact information. Clicking the Finish button will submit a pending service order into Customer Master.
New customer image 2
When the new customer deselects the Use Service Address as my Billing Address, the Billing Address field will be available for the new customer to enter their billing address. If the billing address doesn’t exist in the Customer Master Address table, the WSC service order will add “Address Unknown” in the Customer Master Address Account Type and place the billing address entered into the Service Order comments. This allows a Customer Master user to add the billing address accordingly to their company address policy.
New customer image 3
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