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Web Reporting October 2022

MACC’s Web Dashboard is a great tool to highlight specific reports for management. MACC continues to enhance the Dashboard to allow for easier management of reports. Users will now be able to drill down for both grids and graph reports on the Dashboard. Users can drill up and down on the graph reports by clicking on the column in the graph to drill down. This will function similarly to the ‘+’ button on the grid reports. To return to the previous level, simply click on the Previous Level button to drill up into the graph or grid. The ability to drill down for both grid and graph reports is available with Marketing and Customer Master Real-Time reports.
Web Reporting Image 1
Users will be able to page through the report results and establish page size. The report footer will display paging options for users to page forward/backward as needed. They will be able to select a page size to display in the view. The Charts will now display all of the data. Previously the data point limit was only 10 and it is now set to 1000. By hovering over the report title, users will be able to view the report parameters for the selected report.
Web Reporting Image 2
Another feature added in this release is the ability to view other users’ dashboards. By selecting the arrow next to a user’s login, a dropdown list will display other users to whom dashboard access can be granted. Selecting the View button for a specific user grants access to a dashboard and disabling the View button removes it for the other user. Please note, access could be denied to other users if they do not have access rights to Customer Master Real Time or Marketing reports.
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