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Human Resources 22.1

Applicant Tracking

Managing applications efficiently is necessary during hiring processes for management. Due to this increasing need, MACC has added the new HR Applicant Tracking tool allowing users to manage Job Openings/Applicants more efficiently. The Job Opening/Applicant tracking screen is accessible from the Payroll ribbon, or the Human Resources Suite.

The HR Activity maintenance screen was added to HR Maintenance. Allowing users to create company-specific activities for their application tracking needs. There are standard activities automatically included and will coincide with applicant status. Activities marked as Inactive will no longer be available for selection. It is recommended to establish HR Activities before adding Applicant details.

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The Job Opening/Applicant screen allows management users to enter open positions, applicant detail, and the activity status of the applicant. The Position level defines the available job openings for the company that can be defined by location, department, and basic job details. The Applicant level provides applicant information and contact details. The Activity level tracks the activity status of each applicant through the interview and hiring process. The grid view provides filter options and reporting for each department or management needs.
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To add Job Opening/Applicant details, simply click on the Add button to populate the Position, Applicant, and Activity details. When highlighting a specific level and right-click, users will have the option to Add Detail or Delete the most recent detail added. Notes can be added by the Administrator or Management at each level about the position, applicant, or activity. Attachments can be added to the Applicant, such as resumes, applicant forms, etc. To accommodate the newly added document storage, the HR Job Applicant Move Documents, Purge/Archive Documents, and Location was added to Electronic Documents and are accessible from Tools-Utilities.

Users will have the option to convert an applicant to an employee by highlighting the Applicant and right-click to select Convert Applicant to Employee Using Workflow. This will only be enabled for applicants who have a current status of Offer Accepted and their social security number does not already exist on an employee in that company. When this option is selected, the Workflow screen will appear and be populated with the selected applicant. The default workflow (New Employee Default) will be automatically selected but can be changed to another workflow.

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When the Payroll Workflow screen appears, the Convert Applicant checkbox will be checked. Users will be able to choose Applicants with the status of Offer Accepted from the Applicant dropdown. Populate the Employee ID, Effective Date, and click the Next button. The new employee will be created, populating Applicant information details to the applicable Employee fields, and eliminating dual entry.
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A new Report Type of Job Opening/Applicant was added to the Payroll Custom Grid Reports. Allowing users to create a report, chart, or graph and export files of the HR Applicant parameter and field selections.
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