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Electronic Documents 23.1

Address Attachments

To provide greater convenience to technicians in the field, MACC has expanded Electronic Documents functionality to include the ability to attach documents such as pictures to network addresses in Customer Master and MACC Mobile. Additionally, the Electronic Documents icon was added to the Address table, Address Search in the Service Order/Sales Lead, and Plant Search.

File | Preferences | Transmission | Documents tab: Changes were made to the Documents tab at File | Preferences so users can establish a network directory for network address attachments. Similar to the Account options a group box for Network Address was added with a checkbox to “Use Network Address as Root Folder” as well as an option to “Use Network Address ID in Filename Prefix.”

Attachments Image 1

Inquiry | Electronic Documents Icon: The Electronic Documents screen accessed from Inquiry will now give users the ability to add both the existing Account and the new Network Address Electronic Documents.

  • Account Folder: The yellow folder icon for the Account was replaced with an Account image. A blue “i” will be on the image if there are folders or attached documents present for the account.
  • Network Folder: When focused on the network folder, the folder name above the pane will display the Address ID (from the address table) depending on the selections for Network in File Preferences. The network address folder will display the network address and the address ID, with a blue “i,” if there are folders or attached documents present for the network.
Address Attachments Image 2

Maintenance | Common | Address (Network) | Electronic Documents icon: An Electronic Document icon was added to the Address grid as well as the Address Editor to allow users to attach pictures or documents to a network address. A folder for each account where the address resides will display in the left pane, as well as folders for active and disconnected networks to view documents everywhere the network address exists. In the example, a picture of the fiber to the home connection was attached to the address which can be viewed from all Electronic Document locations throughout Customer Master.

Address Attachments Image 3

In addition to the Electronic Document changes in the Address Editor, a Plant tab was added to view Plant associated with the network address. The grid displays the same information as Plant Search for network addresses only.

Address Attachments Image 4

Service Order/Sales Lead | Address Search – Network | Electronic Documents: An Electronic Document icon was added to the Address Search toolbar that appears when making an address change. Clicking the icon will show electronic documents for the highlighted network address.

Address Attachments Image 5

Plant Search – Address (current or previous) Electronic Documents icon: An Electronic Documents button was also added to the Address group box in Plant Search. The button is available when searching by Account, Address, and Plant tabs.

Address Attachments Image 6
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