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Automated Labor Distribution

The Labor Distribution process has been automated to improve the user’s experience and save time. Convenient “Process All” and “Undo All” buttons are available and can be used to speed up the Labor Distribution process and eliminate clicking each step manually. This beneficial enhancement will move users through processing quickly. The reports generated with each step are automatically saved for review with the proper options enabled.

Packages | General Ledger | Processing | Labor Distribution: A “Mass Processing” group box was added to the Labor Distribution, Benefit, and Clearing screen and contains new “Process All” and “Undo All” buttons.

Process All:  The”Process All” button will enable once the “Save Period Process Reports” is enabled in the selected company’s Company | General Ledger settings, and the following reports are flagged to be saved via PDF and/or CSV on the Period Processing Report Save Options screen (Packages | General Ledger | Processing | Period | Report Options):

  • Work Orders Without Work Order Close Detal
  • Labor Distribution Journal Entry Posting
  • Compensated Absences Journal Entry Posting
  • Benefit Distrution Journal Entry Posting
  • Overhead Clearing Journal Entry Posting

A loading bar will appear in the Mass Processing group box while the processing is running and will disappear when finished.

Undo All: The “Undo All” button on the Labor Distribution, Benefit, and Clearing screen is enabled when there is at least one processed step. When the “Undo All” button is clicked, any processed steps will be undone in sequential order for the selected Company/Period/Year.

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