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Accounts Payable 22.1

Federal Withholding

A new option was added to Accounts Payable invoices to Deduct Federal Withholding. To enable this new function, from the Accounts Payable Company table, enter the Federal Withholding Account. When populated, the Federal Withholding GL Account will be used when withholding federal income tax from Vendors during Accounts Payable. In addition, a Deduct Federal W/H option was added in the Require Re-Approval icon.

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Federal Income Tax can be withheld from any Accounts Payable Invoice designated to receive some type of MISC 1099 or NEC 1099. To withhold federal income tax, check the Deduct Federal Withholding checkbox, which will become active when a 1099 type of MISC or NEC is selected. When flagged, the user will enter the federal withholding amount. This amount will be deducted from the invoice amount when the check is written for the invoice. The Federal Withholding Amounts can be viewed from the Invoice Search screen and AP Invoice Search Master Listing report.
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The Federal Withholding Amount will be included during Accounts Payable Batch Posting, all Payment processes, and 1099 tax form process. The Vendor Payment, Payment Register, and Accounts Payable Custom Grid reports were updated to include federal withholding details. The 1099 Listing Report (AP) was updated to include the Federal Withholding Amount in Box 4 and Boxes 15-17 were added for the State Withholding Amounts to report when a 1099 Type of 1099-Misc or 1099-NEC is selected.

Improved Attachments

Electronic document storage allows your company to have necessary supporting details at your fingertips. As MACC continues to expand the benefits of document storage, you will now be able to view all associated documents for multiple Accounts Payable invoices. From the Invoice Search screen, users will be able to select multiple invoices with the control and shift keys. To highlight specific invoices, right click in the grid and select the Send to EDoc Viewer option.

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This enhancement allows users to view multiple documents without having to open each invoice and attachment separately.

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The same option to view multiple invoices and attachments are available during the AP Batch and System Payment Approval processes. This change allows approvers to view multiple invoices and documents during the approving processes.
Improvements to Purchase Order attachments were added to promote additional efficiency. A new option, Attach PO Automatically, was added to the Materials Company table. When selected, it will automatically print and attach a Purchase Order to be viewed from AP Invoice as the Purchase Order associated attachment. The document will be named using this format: PO Prefix + PO Number+ Purchase Order + Company ID. For example, a file might be named PO-892-Purchase Order-2. The Purchase Order will be placed in the established Edoc location. When Purchase Order is reprocessed, the system will replace the original copy with the same document name.

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