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23.2 Integrated Mapping Solution in MACC Mobile

Home | CM | Map View: A “Map View” button was added to the MACC Mobile Home screen.

When accessed, a general view of the map based on the Web Map geospatial details will be displayed.

CM | Account List Item: A “Map View” menu was added to the Account Tier list dropdown. Clicking Map View takes the user to the network address Lat/Lon when present, otherwise the general view.

The menu contains all network addresses for the account. If there are multiple network addresses across the network tiers, the user can select one of the network addresses to view on the map. The Map View will appear and is based on the geospatial details of the network address.

The Map View node is also available at the Account tier dropdown when accessing a Sales Lead, Service Order, Address List Item (network,) and Trouble Ticket.

When the map displays the map view is based on the network addresses geospatial details. Using the “Query Items the current Viewport” button a view of the infrastructure at the location displays. Clicking on an object will show a more detailed description.

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