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Put your emails on cruise control with MACC AutoPilot

Make your customer communications easier than ever before with AutoPilot! Through this affordable MACC service, we’ll create beautiful, HTML-based emails containing important information for your customers. We’ll then install the emails in Customer Master for distribution based on pre-determined trigger points.

  • Communicate with customers
  • Reduce expenses and grow revenue…using the email ideas listed below
  • Increase brand awareness…the emails we create will match your company’s brand
  • Look good on every device…including smart phones and tablets with AutoPilot’s mobile-friendly code

AutoPilot Email Ideas

Welcome Email – Automatically send a welcome email to new customers upon service order apply or select to send a specific message to a new or existing customer. Attachments may also be included with your email such as a channel lineup or newsletter.

Delinquent Email – This feature can help you improve cash flow. Send a friendly email reminder to account holders who are past-due. Use this tool to notify customers of an upcoming payment deadline. We recommend using this feature just a few days prior to printing and mailing delinquent notices.

Appointment Reminder – Send an email in advance of visits technicians make to your customers’ locations. You can include all the needed details, plus include a picture of the technician so your customer knows who to expect.

Payment Notification – This tool works with either ACH or credit card payments made in Customer Master. Send the customer a confirmation of their ACH or credit card payment after posting or a reminder of an upcoming payment process. Note – This feature does not apply to payments made via eBill.

Marketing Email – Create a list of customers using the Account Research Report or Promotion Campaign Manager and send a mass email to all customers on the list. This is a great way to promote new services or upgrade opportunities.

Trouble Ticket Clear – Send an email to customers when their trouble ticket is cleared. It’s a great way to communicate with your customers.

Trouble Ticket Mass Outage – Create a list of customers who are potentially affected by a trouble mass outage event and send a mass email to all affected customers to notify them you are working on the issue. You can even use this feature for upcoming planned outages.

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