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Carrier Invoice Resolution Service

MACC’s Carrier Invoice Resolution Service will help clients who enroll maximize access revenue through monthly check-ins for outstanding balances or disputes.

Here is how the service works

  1. Each month the MACC CABS Team will send a “check-in” e-mail to enrolled clients inquiring about carriers with outstanding balances or disputes.
  2. If a client has an outstanding carrier balance or disputed charge, the MACC CABS Team will contact the carrier on the client’s behalf.
  3. We will handle disputes with the carrier and/or remind them of unpaid, missing invoices.
  4. Follow-up will continue until the proper payment is made to our client.
  5. There is a $100 per month charge for this service.

An important note, MACC cannot be responsible for any litigation between a client and carrier.

Ready to sign-up?

Complete the form below and you’ll be enrolled. If you have any questions, please contact MACC’s CABS Team at MACCCABSVERIFICATION@MACCNET.COM.

Carrier Invoice Resolution Service Request Form

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