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What’s New in 21.1

Our FAVORITE FEATURES in Accounting Master 21.1

Kate Behrendt

Kate Behrendt

Vendor Wildcard Search

My favorite feature is the option to perform a Vendor Wildcard Search. While the option to search using partial matches is valuable to a lot of users, there are still some who would prefer to search without the partial match. Adding this as an option increases the flexibility for both preferences.

Tim Carlson

Tim Carlson

Nii Enhancement

I really like the ability to use different Material Companies’ inventory in the Network Inventory Interface. This improvement simplifies the process for companies to use inventory items they have on the books in one company and use it on networks assigned to a different Accounting Company.

Lane Wolff

Lane Wolff

Mass Labor Reallocation

My favorite new feature is the Mass Labor Reallocation. This just seems really convenient for companies to update multiple labor records in a mass process instead of individually.

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Version 21.1 training options

Take advantage of all the new features in version 21.1 of Customer Master and Accounting Master by taking “What’s New” training. Course descriptions and a registration form are available below. If you have questions, please contact your MACC Software Support Representative.

What’s New in Customer Master 21.1

Estimated length: 60 minutes Cost: $80
Some of the features updated in 21.1 include new preferences on Inquiry, a new module dedicated to Locates, updates to the Network Inventory Interface and Premise Equipment reporting, advanced payment Batch Name by Payment Method, Reassigned Number Database reporting, and many enhancements related to the Advanced Scheduler. We’ll also review a new option – the Enterprise Scheduler for businesses with more than one Customer Master company.

What’s New in Accounting Master 21.1

Estimated length: 60 minutes Cost: $80
Enhancements include attachments options for Accounts Payable, updates to Recurring Invoices, a CM Cash Journal Entry Reversal option, mass updates to Labor Entry Reallocation, Human Resources data import, Multiple Material Companies for the Network Inventory Interface, Payroll updates, Auto-Generate Purchase Orders for low inventory, and a Reassign Stock Certificate Number tool.

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