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Inventory Item Bundle

MACC’s inventory module is a robust tool used for the maintenance, movement, and reporting of your company’s items. MACC continues to strengthen inventory functions to improve efficiency. The Inventory Bundle option was added to the Items (Inventory) screen. It allows users to bundle inventory and non-inventory items together. Additionaly, it provides the ability to order bundled items as a bundle, receive, and stock the bundled items separately into inventory.

To add a bundle, simply enter the Bundle Item ID, Description, Stock UOM, and check the Bundle option. When the Bundle option is checked, the Bundle Details button next to the Bundle flag will be enabled and several item fields will be disabled.

Select the Bundle Details button to access the Bundle Detail screen. Users can select inventory or non-inventory items by right clicking the grid to select Insert New Item or click the green insert button located in the lower left grid. The Item Quantity must be greater than zero. The Item Percentage is used to determine the amount value of the bundle to be applied to the selected bundle detail. The screen is used to determine how discounts are distributed and the value assigned to the item during the Purchase Order Receive process. Percentages must add up to 100 and be greater than zero. When completed, while adding the Bundle Details, the Bundle Item will be available for selection during Purchase Order Requisition and Purchase Order processes. Inventory Bundles will not be available for Inventory Manual Transaction, Inventory Count, and Inventory Global Price Change processes. Bundles will be added to these functions in a future release.
The Purchase Order Requisition and Purchase Order Item Type dropdown selections will now include a Bundle option. When selected, only Bundle Items will appear in the Item ID dropdown. Bundle Items in the Detail grid can be expanded to view the Bundle Item details in a sub-grid view. The printed Purchase Order will display the bundle as a bundle item. The printed Receiving Ticket will display the bundle item details.
The Purchase Order Receive and Reconcile screens will display the Bundle Item details as individual items in the receiving grid. The cost of the individual bundle item’s calculation is based on the total cost of the bundle, including discounts and miscellaneous charges, times the percent value of the item indicated in the Bundle Detail editor screen. Columns for Bundle ID and Description were added to the grids to identify if the item was part of a bundle originally. Bundle items will be included and indicated on Inventory and Purchase Order reports.

Extend Item Product ID/Manufacturer Number

The Product ID and Manufacturer’s Number are used when re-ordering inventory items. Previously, these fields only allowed 15-characters when entered. MACC has enhanced the Product ID and Manufacturer’s Number fields by extending to 40-characters. This enhancement will allow users to enter a more complete Product ID number when they exceed 15-characters.

The Vendor Part No field from the Purchase Order Requisition, Purchase Orders, PO Receive, and PO Reconcile screens has been extended to accommodate the newly extended fields for Product ID/Manufacturer Number. The Code/ID Change Utility has been updated to allow the entry of 40 characters when updating the Vendor Product ID.

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