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Featured Web Training Courses

Customer Master Refund Interface
Estimated length: 60 minutes Cost: $80
Eliminate the one-time vendors in your database due to customer refunds by using the CM Refund Interface. This feature is designed to take information in Customer Master for closed account refunds, security deposit refunds and open account refunds and deliver it to the AM check writing process. No vendor entry or invoice entry is needed. Checks are written based on data provided from CM. This training will identify all three types of refunds and the processes followed in both CM and AM to complete the checks.

Accounting Master Payroll Auto-Calculation of Overtime
Estimated length: Two hours Cost: $160
Take the manual work out of timesheets. Accounting Master introduced a new automated process in 6.4 to assist with the calculation of overtime. Based on company parameters, AM can deliver potential overtime/double-time hours to the payroll cycle process. Once approved, these records are converted into actual OT labor details. This training will walk through the setup, identify your company needs and prepare your database for this automation.

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