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Schedule PTO in Next Year

Payroll Administrators who struggle with employees requesting time off near the end of the year will find relief in the Negative Hours Date Range option. Available from the Pay Types screen, administrators will be able to establish a date range that will allow employees to request time off near the end of the year or into the next year. This enhancement eliminates the need for administrators to track time off manually near year-end.

The Pay Type must have the Allow Negative Hours option flagged to enable the Negative Hours Date Range. Administrators will populate the month and day for the Begin/End Dates. The Begin Date will represent the month/day of the current labor year and the End Date will represent the month/day greater than the Begin Date entry. IE: Begin date 12/15, End date 01/25 will represent 12/15/2021-01/25/2022. This improvement will eliminate the need to change the date range each year.

Employees who request time off for a date not in the established date range, with results in negative hours, will receive a message indicating their request is over their remaining hours and will not be approved. When the date of the request time off is in the established date range, the request will be submitted for Manager/Supervisor approval. During the approval process, management will receive a warning message if a time off request resulted in negative hours and be asked if they would like to proceed. This change will provide time for management to review the request more closely before approving.

Scheduled PTO Interfaced to CM Scheduler

Management of employee schedules for meetings, appointments, and time off requests can be challenging for companies. To aid in employee schedule management, MACC has enhanced Customer Master’s Scheduler for easier management of employee schedules and to eliminate dual entry. When the PTO Request option is enabled with TMS, PTO Requests submitted and approved will be displayed for the employee when viewing Customer Master’s Scheduler. Any PTO Requests cancelled will be removed from the Employee’s scheduler when viewing Customer Master’s Scheduler. Employee and Managers will not be able to edit PTO Requests in Customer Master Scheduler, but all PTO Request updates from TMS and Accounting Master will be reflected in the Customer Master Scheduler. Please refer to the Customer Master Update letter for further details of the new Scheduler functionality within Customer Master.

Pay Differential Codes available with TMS

Pay Differential codes are added to the regular pay for the employee when selected during the labor entry process in Accounting Master. Pay differentials may include on-call, weekend pay, swing shift, graveyard shift, etc. MACC has enhanced TMS by adding a Wage Differential field for selection of Pay Differential Codes during labor entry in TMS. To activate this feature in TMS, Payroll Administrators will need to flag the Enable Pay Differential Codes option in the TMS Preference from the Payroll Company table. This action will enable the Wage Differential selection in TMS when selected.

The Wage Differential selection will be available from the Input My Time Screen, allowing users to select a Wage Diff code from the selection dropdown when entering time. The My Time Report section will display the Wage Diff selection and allow users to edit the field if needed.

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