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Capital Credits 22.1

Capital Credits Activity Change Date Field

Capital Credits Suite | Maintenance | Capital Credit Member: Updates were made to include a Activity Change Date field to coincide with the Capital Credit members Activity status field in the Capital Credit Member Editor. This new date field makes it possible for users to view and track Capital Credit member(s) Activity status changes.

An Activity Chg Dt (Activity Change Date) field was added to the Capital Credit Member Editor, just below the Activity drop-down menu. A flyover hint will appear when hovering over the Activity Chg Dt field which includes the change by name. Upon upgrade the field will be populated with the date of the last Activity field change. The date field will be automatically populated any time the Activity is updated. Activity Chg Dt and Activity Chg By columns were also added to the Capital Credit Member grid, displaying the date of an Activity change and by whom. The Activity Chg Date will also be automatically updated along with the Activity field during the Capital Credits disbursement process on a full disbursement that brings the Members allocation balance to zero. The Activity Chg Dt will show the date of the Paid Off Activity status.

Capital Credits Image 1

Service Order and Inquiry View | Capital Credits node: The Activity Chg Dt (Activity Change Date) field was added to the Capital Credit nodes in a Service Order, and when using View in Inquiry, on each tier where the member exists

Capital Credits Image 1

Capital Credits Suite | Reports: The following Capital Credit reports, as well as the export to .csv now include the new Activity Chg Dt.

  • Capital Credit Members Report
  • Tiers On Capital Credit Member Report
  • Alloc/Disb History Year Detail Report
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