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Mass Reassign Check Tool

At times it may be necessary to assign a new check number to a check generated in Accounting Master. The Reassign Check Numbers Tool allows users to change the check number in the system to match the actual printed number on the check. MACC has improved this tool to a grid view format, allowing users to reassign multiple new check numbers. A list of check numbers and details that can be reassigned will display by selecting the Company and Checking Account. The New Check Number column is the only field available for editing. Once all edits are entered, the user is able to Preview and Approve new check number assignment. Check numbers can be reassigned for any check in the system, but the new check number entered cannot currently be assigned to another check.

Reissue Check/ACH Option

Unfortunately, there are many reasons you might need to reverse a payment. Reasons may include lost or stolen checks or simply a wrong address. The mass check processing functions of Refunds and Stock can be susceptible to such errors. The Reissue Reversed Check feature is used to reissue check payments. It is available during the Reverse Check Process, or it can be accessed as a stand-alone screen from the Bank Reconciliation Suite. MACC has improved the Reissue Reversed Check feature by allowing users to reissue ACH payments for Refunds and Stock. The screen was renamed from Reissue Reversed Check to Reissue Reversed Payments and includes a Type column to indicate payment type.

When the Reissue Selected Payments button is selected, the actual Reissue process screen will include Original Bank Information and Reissue Bank Information columns for editing with new reissue bank information for selected ACH payments and to create ACH file.

Reissue Multiple Checks to a Single Check

Continuing with Reissue Reverse Payments improvements, the ability to combine check payments has been added to Capital Credit, Customer Master Refund, and Stock check payments. A Combine column has been added to the Reissue Reverse Payments tool. This enhancement allows users to combine multiple checks for the same Capital Credit Member, Customer, or Stockholder and issue only one check. When the Combine option is checked and the Reissue Values are the same, the payment amounts will be combined. If the Reissue Values are different and the Combine option is checked, the Reissue process will not combine the payments and continue with individual checks.

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