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No Penalty Option for Delinquents

A new “No Penalty” option is now available for delinquent accounts, so users have the ability to send a late notice to an account, but keep the account from getting a penalty. An Expire Date, Alert, and reports are available for accounts flagged No Penalty.

A No Penalty check box was added to the Credit Node of the Service Order, with a corresponding Expire Date drop-down calendar. When checked, the account can receive a delinquent notice, but will not get a late fee during the Penalties process. The Expire Date can be set to limit the amount of time the account is exempt from penalties.

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A No Penalty Alert is available for both Inquiry and Payments at Maintenance | Common | Alerts, and will display in the Alerts window for any accounts flagged No Penalty.

The Non-Zero Balance Report found in the report’s menu of the Delinquent process, contains a new No Penalty column to aid in identifying No Penalty accounts.

The Credit Attributes report, and the Grid Report – Account can be used to discover accounts flagged as No Penalty. The Credit Attributes report has a new group box for No Penalty Options, and the Grid Report – Account includes No Penalty, and No Penalty Expire Date selections